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The modern React UI components - Float UI

Thursday, Feb 17, 2022

If you are working as a web developer with a company, or just as a freelancer, of course you will need something to build your websites, web apps quickly.

The React UI libraries like material UI and React Bootstrap built to help others to save the time, by building web products quickly, and this is exactly what Float UI do.

What is Float UI?

Float UI is a collection of ready React components, such as CTA sections, Newsletters, Cards, Navbars, Footers ...etc, the components are beautiful designed, expertly crafted components, that allow you to build a great UI/UX, and are easy to customize, you can use the components with Nextjs, if you want.

Why React?

React.js is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, and it's an open-source created by Facebook. It's the most popular front-end JavaScript library with over 10 millions weekly downloads from npm, and which means React.js has a lot of users around the world, also used by the big companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix ...etc, that's why we chose React among other JavaScript frameworks and libraries.

React UI components with Tailwind CSS

Float UI components are built with React and Tailwind CSS, if you don't know what is Tailwind CSS, it's an utility-first CSS framework, for building modern websites without ever leaving your HTML. Tailwind CSS is unlike bootstrap or any other CSS framework, it's allow you to build a beautiful UI, and whatever you want, it's also removes all unused CSS automatically, when building for production, which means your final CSS bundle is the smallest it could possibly be. In fact, most Tailwind projects ship less than 10kB of file size.

React UI components with pure CSS

if you don't use Tailwind CSS for any reason, no problem, you can use all the components with pure CSS, there is no difference, the same React components built with Tailwind CSS, have built with pure CSS too, and that's a great thing.

have you tried Float UI yet? If you have not, try it out, and share it with your friends.

That's it for today my friends, hope you enjoyed this blog post, and see you again.